Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Update from Kylie

We received this sweet email from Kylie Foley, our 2013 Summer intern. We are so proud of her and what she has accomplished in the last year and wanted to update you on what she has been up to since her time with us:

"I just wanted to thank you again for your support, generosity, and guidance last summer. I still tell people it’s the best summer I will EVER have and I have no doubt that will always be true. The experience made me so passionate for missions and for the United Methodist Church, which led me to {feel} qualified for my new role as the Florida Field Coordinator for Imagine No Malaria in Florida. In fact, during my initial interview that is all my board wanted to talk about! This is the most incredible job I could have every imagined, and I thank God and you for allowing me the life-transforming experience last year. You truly are investing in the Kingdom, and I’m eternally grateful. I’m sure you all have had a busy summer as usual, but know I cherish weekly updates and miss you all! Give my love to Leslie, Mandy, and the new team members."

Thanks Kylie! Please continue to stay in touch! 

Kylie,  we love your INM selfie so we swiped this from your Instagram, that's ok right? ;)

Read more about what Kylie did as our intern in the Summer of Serving blog post.

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