Thursday, September 1, 2016

Be Healthy and Stay Safe in the Mission Field

Mission Highlight: Health & Safety
In our previous Mission Highlights, we shared how we serve short-term mission volunteers through Resources and Training, as well as the variety of Opportunities that we offer to them. But once a team is out in the mission field, what can our organization do to keep them healthy, safe, or protect them should an accident occur? Read on to find out!
Health & Safety Training Resources
Accidents happen. Or sometimes, maybe someone becomes too sick to safely work while serving. While we pray that this isn't the case for your team, we want our team leaders to be fully prepared when leading a mission journey. Our Team Leader Handbook is designed to guide you on the many things to consider when traveling for missions, and that includes how to be safe and maintain healthy team members. We'll help you think through questions like: Is the water safe to drink or should it be treated? Does the project host have access to medications if they are needed? Are there mosquito-born illnesses that your team should take extra precautions to prevent? What worksite safety standards are in place, and what do you do if you think your team is in hazardous work conditions? 
Of course, our Handbook is what we use for our in-person Team Leader Training course as well; the added benefit of sharing experiences with seasoned volunteers is one of the most valuable ways to gain insight into this important aspect of mission travel. Learn more about Team Leader Training by clicking here

Bonus: The Appendix of our Handbook is filled with First Aid Kit checklists, a team leader timeline guide, personal and team packing lists, and more to make sure your team is prepared to serve away from home. 
Medical and Travel Insurance 
Each week, our staff meets to pray for our teams and volunteers who are in the field. Among the many things we pray for are the health and safety of those who are serving. Serious accidents and illnesses are a rare occurrence, but when they do happen, we have a comprehensive and affordable insurance program that is available to virtually every volunteer who travels for mission purposes--and no, you don't have to be affiliated with the UMC to access this insurance!

Taking advantage of the UMVIM, SEJ supplemental health insurance programis one of the most prudent decisions a team can make for themselves. While all UMVIM projects are safe, working on the mission field can carry with it some inherent risks. Not only does it ensure medical care should the need arise, but it also covers things like emergency reunions, trip interruption, and even loss of baggage. Click here to learn more about how our insurance offerings eases the minds of volunteers and their families!
We are committed to our volunteers through every aspect of their mission journeys. Continue to stay in touch with us this year to learn how UMVIM, SEJ is here to connect you into mission opportunities across globe and equip you for service. Click here if you are not already receiving our Weekly Updates, Mission Highlights, and more.