Thursday, April 21, 2016

{Mission Highlight} Resources

Mission Highlight: Resources
In 2016, Our Mission Highlights will focus internally, on what UMVIM, SEJ does to serve the short-term mission community within the United Methodist Church. Join us this year as we focus on the ways we equip teams and their leaders through Resources, Trainings, Mission Opportunities, Healthy & Safety education, and Relationship-building.  
So You Want to Serve?
We've all been there. If you're reading this, then you have found yourself on our website, blog, or email list because God has stirred that missional part of your heart. You want to be giving of your time and abilities to serve your God and His people. You know you want to serve, but maybe you don't know whereto start? We're the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission of the Southeastern Jurisdiction, and we're here to help you through every part of what it means to be a short-term missionary.
Our Staff
Every member of the UMVIM, SEJ staff is in place because we share a passion for Christian service. Each of us has served domestically and abroad in many capacities, and our personal expertise is the first thing we offer to short-term mission teams and their leaders. No question or concern in too small, and our favorite part of our jobs is to take the time to walk you through whatever you need to know. Our names are Paulette, Landon, Gray, Leslie, and Malinda, and you can read more about each of us by clicking here. Don't hesitate to reach out! 
Our Website
Two years ago, we completely overhauled our website with the goal of being a better resource to the UMC short-term mission community. There you will find a general Safe Sanctuary Policy, travel advice, and pretty much everything in between. We are always adding new resources that we feel could be valuable to you as you embark on your mission journey. Click over to our website, and specifically the Resources & Publications tab, to get an idea of everything we have to offer. 
Social Media
Our social media strategy is simple: to keep you in the loop on all things UMVIM. We update FacebookTwitterInstagramYou Tube, and our blog with any bits of information we hope can be useful to you. Interacting with the UMVIM community on social media is a lot of fun for us and a great way to help us spread the word, so please comment, like, double tap, retweet, and share away! Don't forget to use the hashtag #UMVIM to share your short-term volunteer experience with us all, because sometimes, the best resource for others is YOU.
We're just getting started in 2016! Stay in touch with us this year to learn how UMVIM, SEJ is here to be your best resource in the short-term mission field. Click here if you are not already receiving our Weekly Updates, Mission Highlights, and more. 

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