Tuesday, May 19, 2015

{Guest Blogger} UMVIM Staffer Serves in Cuba

UMVIM staff member Leslie Bethea had a unique opportunity to join with a team from the South Carolina Annual Conference on an UMVIM mission to Cuba. This 10-member team was led by former UMVIM, SEJ Executive Director Rev. Nick Elliot. Read on for a little more about Leslie’s time in this country that is still relatively uncharted for most Americans!
Leslie (middle, in the black shirt) with her fellow teammates from the South Carolina Conference.

“We arrived in Havana and took about a 2 and a half hour drive to a Methodist Church where several team members had served before. This was my first time in Cuba, and I was inspired to see how joyful the people were, and I do not mean only the ones we met at the church!
The church where the team worked, ate, and slept.
UMVIM always emphasizes the importance of relationship-building while serving on mission opportunities; we slept, worked, and ate our meals at the church where we served. It was the most "togetherness" I have ever experienced while serving on a team. Our interpreter, Alba, was so great that I do not think any of us missed the messages in the Bible lessons or church services in which we were a part. We also witnessed the baptism a one-year-old boy, which was incredible to experience.

Please join me in prayer for our close Southern neighbors...daily!"
Thank you Leslie for not only giving your time to sustainable projects in the Cuba and sharing your heart with us, but also for all you do to keep our office running smoothly!

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