Tuesday, August 16, 2016

{Priority Projects} Tanzania

There are many opportunities in Tanzania for you or your team to serve. Please contact the UMVIM, SEJ office at 205-453-9480 or sejinfo@umvim.org for additional information.

Types of Ongoing Mission Opportunities
Construction: Church, School, Clinic/Hospital
Medical Setting: Clinic, Labratory
Education: Teaching in Schools - primary, Leadership training for pastors

Priority Projects
  • United Methodist Church Construction in Morogoro - construction of a church and evangelistic center (Advance #15059N)
  • Susannah Wesley Training Center in Morogoro - Training women in skills and enabling them to be self-sufficient and educating children (Advance #3020705)
  • Wesley Primary School in Morogoro - Building classrooms and providing vulnerable children with an education (Advance #3020704)
  • Morogoro United Methodist Preschools in Morogoro, Mangae, Mbabala, Dodoma - Building classrooms and developing educational materials to improve educational instruction (Advance #15048N)
  • Morogoro Pastors' Training Center  in Morogoro - Teaching skills to local pastors, enabling them to serve new congregations and communities (Advance #3020710)
  • Reaching Out Ministry  in Morogoro - Supporting and growing small churches in rural areas to spread Christian teachings (Advance #150530)
Types of Ongoing Mission Opportunities
Construction: Church, Parsonage, School, Boreholes
Medical Setting: Clinic
Medical Personnel Needed: Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse, Pharmacist
Medical Specialist Needed: Pediatrician (copy of medical license required)
May Be Brought with Team: Medicines, Medical Supplies
Education: Teaching in Schools - preschool and primary, Teaching in Churches - children, youth, young adults and adults, Mission Bible School - children and youth, Church Leadership Training for Laity and Pastors

Priority Projects in Magu, Tanzania
  • Secondary School Construction - The church is working towards finishing a secondary school to serve vulnerable families who are struggling to fund secondary education for their children, something that is not free in Tanzania. Walls are already completed with work left to be done on roofing, plaster, and finishing.
  • Church Construction - The Methodist Church in Tanzania is in need of assistance in creating homes for their churches to meet in and church construction on several churches in Magu.
  • Medical Clinic/Community Health Seminars - The church at Magu has a fully functional, new medical clinic. The clinic is fully licensed and the doctor operating the clinic is retired from government service with many years of experience. The clinic would welcome medical teams to help with the never ending case load as well as helping lead public health seminars.
  • Church Seminars - Magu is the headquarters of the Methodist Church in Tanzania. It is a strong church that can benefit from any number of trainings and conference for youth, adults, women and men's' groups, and pastors.
Types of Ongoing Mission Opportunities
Construction: Church, School, Children's Home/Orphanage, Latrines
Other: Lodging

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