Sunday, May 21, 2017

Reading and Sunglasses for Your Mission

Reading glasses can be one of the easiest, most  inexpensive ways of making people more productive (our estimate is 20% greater income capacity) and promoting economic growth in the developing world. RestoringVision is a nonprofit dedicated to distributing new reading glasses and sunglasses to groups and organizations helping those in need. Since 2003, we have built a network of partners that have collectively served over 5 million people around the world. We offer a simple solution to one of the greatest global health problems. 

RestoringVision series, “Stories of Hope from Around the World,” raises awareness about the need for and impact that reading glasses and sunglasses have on people’s lives by featuring the work of our partners. 
Restoring Vision is the largest non-profit provider of new, brand name readers and sunglasses(not for resale). Please take a look at the following video:

It is amazing how many people benefit from a simple pair of reading glasses which restores their ability to focus close up. This can make the difference between holding a job and being a fully functioning member of a family or community. The problem is massive (500 million worldwide) but the solution is easy. 

Some additional benefits include:
  • Easy to implement for the novice, student, spouse-we provide dispensing tips and tools to make experience easy and rewarding.  Our readers are sorted by power in 25 pair bags, a standard box would contain 400 low, medium, and high powers. However, we provide anything from 100 to tens of thousands of glasses to various partners.
  • Minimal Cost-these not for resale new, brand name glasses that we provide for 35-50 cents per pair.
For more information, go to the RestoringVision website or contact Steven Hancock at

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